About the Photographer

My name is Jennifer and body image has always been a huge issue of mine.  I have never been truly comfortable in my own skin.  I was a normal enough kid growing up, not overweight, but not a rail either.  Just average in size.  I was an athlete and swam competitively for nearly 10 years, and I loathed my body.  I hated putting on that swimsuit and walking around the pool deck for everyone to stare.  (They weren’t staring of course, but in my mind I thought they were.)  From the time I was 12, I hated my thighs and would almost always keep a towel wrapped around my waist to hide them.  As I grew older and hit puberty, my stomach stuck out too far (I thought) and I hated that too.  In college I gained some weight, and the hatred deepened. 

 There is no logical reason for me to have felt this way about my body, and I wish I could say that I no longer do, but I can say, I feel better about myself than I ever have.  I don’t loathe my body as I once did, but I can’t say I’m in love with it either.  But I know this: I am not alone.  And I know this as well: We are all beautiful, and we all deserve to LOVE ourselves. 

 And that is why I am on this journey.  That is what boudoir means to me.  It’s about helping you to love yourself, and to see you as those who love and care about you do.  You are not the parts that you dislike.  You are so much more.  Let me help you change your focus.

The Other Stuff About Jennifer

I have a BFA of Fine Art from Indiana University, and have been photographing people for over 10 years.  I love working with women specifically, and making them feel amazing about themselves.  I consider making you feel like your most beautiful self as my primary challenge behind the camera.

 And a Little About Alter Ego Imaging

Alter Ego Imaging is a woman owned and operated photo studio. I pride myself in providing top-notch service and professionalism.  Because I am photographing you at your most intimate, it only makes sense that that take place in an intimate setting, which is why I work out of an in-home studio.  On-location work is also available within the Indianapolis Area, so we can work in your home, or at a beautiful hotel of your choosing.

 And because I pride myself in practicing what I preach, you’ll find some boudoir images of myself on this page as well.

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