We all have scars. Some can be seen by all and some we carry deep inside. This life has it’s challenges and none of us is immune to hardship or pain. However, we can choose not to let that pain define who we are or how we show up in the world.

I would venture to say we’ve all been shamed about our bodies at one point or another. Either as too large or too small, or not shaped “just right” in some other way by someone else’s standards. I would love to see that kind of shaming end in our lifetime. Our bodies should be celebrated. They allow us to experience this world in the way that they work, or sometimes in the way that they don’t. Regardless, that experience helps to form who we are.

These bodies allow us to feel touch and therefore connect with other people in truly intimate ways. They carry us through our days and through the years. Their purpose is merely to be a vessel for our very precious souls.

The visible scars exist as reminders of where we have been and even of some of what we’ve learned. They aren’t ugly or gross, they are markers of our journey. Reminders that we overcame something.

It’s the invisible scars that are trickier. The ones held deep in our souls. Sometimes we don’t even know they are there, and uncovering them can be painful and scary. Sometimes the seen and unseen bind together in a tangled web, waiting for us to diligently pick and pull at the threads until they loosen.

We are all fighting a silent battle, the chinks in our armor growing with each year. We all deserve to find grace and love within ourselves. To appreciate our bodies for what they can do for us and forgive them for what they can’t. To see our own beauty, to feel our own courage, to believe in our own power. This is my mission. This is what Alter Ego Imaging is all about. Thanks for being here.