Too Sexy for Social Media?

Your privacy matters.  It just does.  Here at Alter Ego Imaging I absolutely do not share anyone’s images without your express permission.

I personally find it empowering to share images of myself.  Why? Because I view it as saying to the world “this is my body, I’ll do with it as I please and I don’t need your approval”.  But not everyone feels that way about their images.  For some women this is a deeply private endeavor.  And that is OKAY.  While I love having permission to share your images with the world, or just my private VIP Facebook group, the decision is always yours.

And keep in mind, once those images are shared online they could potentially end up anywhere.  If that scares you, then don’t give me permission to share them.  If that excites you, share away my dear friend.  We all have different feelings and ideas of what we want to share with the world.

Boudoir and vulnerability go hand in hand.  You have to be vulnerable just to have the session in the first place.  That is a vulnerability you choose, and how your images are used by the photographer after the fact should be your choice as well.  Some photographers will insist that they can use your images as they wish, as the copyright holder.  In the United States, the artist or creator of the work, in this case the photographer, is the copyright holder by default.  While it is true I am the copyright holder of your images, how they get used after your session is 100% your choice.