Let’s Talk About Stretchmarks

I know stretchmarks are a point of contention for a lot of women. Do they keep you from having perfect, flawless skin? Sure. Are they “ugly”? Of course not.

Stretchmarks are reminders of our lives. They’re like that scar on your knee from when you fell off your bike when you were 8. They show us where we’ve been. Where we’ve come from, and who we used to be.

I see them as a positive. As a representation of the battles we’ve fought, the wars we’ve won, and probably a few we haven’t. But they’re beautiful, just as you are beautiful.

Now, I understand not everyone feels the same way about stretchmarks, and that’s ok. If my clients want them minimized in their final images, I absolutely will do that. Because in the end, your images are about you, not me. You vision matters as much as mine does.