7 Sexy things you have in your closet right now for a boudoir session

Deciding what you want to wear for your session is often intimidating to many clients.  But, it’s not nearly as difficult as you think.  Here are 7 things you probably have in your closet or wardrobe right now that would make FIRE options for your session.

  1. A white button down shirt.  This can be your shirt or your partners.  Worn unbuttoned or partially unbuttoned with nothing underneath or a lacy bra can have some nice impact.
  2. A tank top and panties.  I think this one speaks for itself.
  3. Knee high socks or leg warmers.  Worn alone and posed strategically can be a great visual tease.
  4. Your favorite little black dress.  There are plenty of steamy poses you can do while fully clothed.
  5. Those oh-so-perfect fitting jeans. Pair them with a cute top, or no top at all.
  6. That slinky see-through swim suit cover up you only wore once at the beach.  Let’s give it a new sexy life.
  7. Your favorite high heels or thigh high boots.  These need no explanation.

On top of these, lingerie is always a winner.  I have a variety of lingerie prices and robes available for use in my client closet as well.  I just ask that my clients bring along a nude and/or black thong to wear under items for hygenic reasons.  Of course all pieces are cleaned and sanitized between uses.

A white shirt makes for great boudoir images.