It’s not about them

Whenever I have a new prop or something cool I’ve changed int he studio, I get really excited to share that with my clients. Often, I will use it as an opportunity to take some self-portraits to share. Almost immediately after posting those images, I get messages in my inbox from men trying to hit on me. And I know this happens to my clients when they post images as well. This happens because they misunderstand WHY those images were posted.

When myself, or one of my clients posts a boudoir image out into the world, we aren’t doing it for the viewer. (Okay, sometimes in my case it is for my clients, when I want them to see that new awesome prop or background.) Women don’t post those images so people will tell them their beautiful or sexy. They already know that. She has eyes too. She saw the image before she posted it. It’s not about getting validation. It’s a DECLARATION.

A declaration she that she is brave and bold and fierce. It’s a declaration that she knows she is amazing. It’s an affirmation for herself, a reminder for herself to remember who she is. She isn’t looking for compliments or to be hit on. This is about her, it’s not about anyone else.

And frankly, even if she planned to gift the images from that session to someone, having it done wasn’t about that person either. The true gift was to herself. The true gift happened in the hour she was in front of that camera with a photographer who understands her and what she was feeling while in that studio.

So the next time you see a woman take the extra step in vulnerability and post an image of herself, don’t tell her she looks beautiful. Tell her she is amazing. Tell her what you value about her. Remind her that you know who she is too.