Are you a planner?

I have a strange dichotomy in my life.  On one hand I am that girl that plans things out.  I make endless lists and I don’t like to wait until the last minute to finish things up.  But I’m not his way with everything.  In fact, when I shoot a session I rarely plan anything out.  My clients clothing choices and personality dictate how the session will go. I choose the lighting setups and posing in the moment.  My passion for what I do drives the process.

When it comes to a creative endeavor, I’m perfectly happy letting things take their own course and evolve.  Evolution is important to my work process behind the camera.  In the rest of my life though, it’s quite the opposite.

My list making habit probably borders on compulsive. There’s a list of what needs to be accomplished, what needs to be purchased and even an order for which these things needs to happen.  It’s partially because I like the feeling of scratching things off that list.  It’s also partly because without a list, I’m afraid I will forget a large portion of the things that need to be done.

I’m sure I’m not alone here.  As a mom I already have a multitude of items to take care of in any given day.  I’ve always been a list maker, but it’s certainly much more prevalent now than ever before.  Between taking care of my two kids, runing a business, writing (2 books now!) and taking care of a house and life in general, I am unbelievably busy these days.  Organization is my safety net.  I need for things to be tidy in order to focus.  In fact, if my house is too messy, I have to clean it up before I can do anything else.  Chaos makes me feel unfocused, so I have to reign it in in some small way.

What about you?  Are you a planner?  How do you stay organized?